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Rice delivers inspirational message at NERC


Text of John Rice's Inspirational Message to the New England REALTOR Conference at Fenway Park, February 16, 2012 


This afternoon before we begin this remarkable program of mutual learning set for the first time here in an historic 100-year-old ball park, let us pause for a few moments to celebrate the renewal of friendships and the anticipation of making new ones in the next two days.

Let us celebrate and be thankful for the spirit of servant leadership and self-sacrifice in so many of our REALTOR leaders at the National, State and local levels.

Let us also be glad that we live and work in such a beautiful part of the country-a place of mountains, rocky shores, sparkling lakes and still-pristine forests. A small region geographically also blessed with magnificent cities, lovely ancient villages and world-class universities. The place where, in fact, our nation was born and where perhaps the best thing about it is-- its sense of place.

And while we celebrate these things, let us also be grateful for the brave and patriotic men and women of our mighty military-- for all they have done and will do to keep us safe. Safe so that we can enjoy the many gifts of this great region in freedom.

Finally, as individuals, and especially as servant leaders in our industry, I am reminded of an old prayer that in all the joys of life let us never forget to be kind. Help us to be unselfish in friendship, thoughtful of those less happy than ourselves and eager to bear the burdens of others. Thank you.   

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